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Graphic tablet

Post by rootKitDGNVS » 28 Oct 2018, 10:48

Hey !

I just recently got on Cubik Studio and I love it so much, but one thing that is anoying me is that I'm coming from ZBrush which is a modeling software where I used to use my graphic tablet who was very handy for that kind of stuff.

I know implementing a graphic tablet support on your software wouldn't be easy, that's why I'm requesting this :
Would it be possible to add an hotkey who'll allows us to switch from add to remove voxels ? Cuz most of the graphics tablets can't change their main button, I mean I can't replace the fact that when I'm drawing with my stylus it'll in reality press the right mouse button. That's why switching into thoses two mods would be great ! :D

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french but I think you got it all ! :p
Thanks for you work,
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