User Testimonials

Cubik is like the Photoshop for Minecraft: a must have.



Cubik is the perfect tool to shape our ideas, and bring a new way to have fun while modeling.


3D modeler artist

Cubik is simple to use but provides enormous amounts of potential.


Shotbow Modeler

Hypixel has hundreds of 3D models and creating and maintaining them requires robust tools. Without Cubik, we could not produce quality content quickly enough.

Sean "mooTV" McCafferty

Hypixel Content Manager

Cubik Studio has robust features and tools to save time and help express my inner artist with ease! It does not only take the cake, it can make the cake!


3D Modeler / Nullblox

3D models have never been more fun and easy to make!

Fizzy Chickens

3D modeler artist

Popular Users (in no particular order)


Corinth presents various unique games that involve PVE, PVP, competitive and solo experiences to players. Corinth 3D modelers are using Cubik Studio to create vehicles, pets and weapons of all sorts - such as axes, swords, spears, and staffs - which are freely available for players to use in a wide range of mini-games!

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Hypixel is the home of over 40 unique gamemodes. Hypixel actively uses Cubik to make high quality 3D models. Games like "Warlords", "Turbo Kart Racers" and "Galaxy Wars" would have been impossible to create without Cubik.

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Alteiria is the MMORPG server that break Minecraft's boundaries to offer its players innovative and captivating content. The server crew intensively uses Cubik Studio to produce beautiful weapons never seen before in the French community.

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MCParks reproduces famous parks such as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Universal Studios Orlando, Disneyland Resort in California and Busch Gardens Tampa. Explore the parks, ride the rides, meet characters and watch stunning fireworks and projection shows! Cubik Studio is intensively used to recreate original wagons, buses, cars, decorations and characters!

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Oblivion Networks

Oblivion Networks is a server focusing on custom made minigames and modded servers. Oblivion NW created a mini game inspired by Rust containing lots of unique features and uses realistic 3D models to spice up the gameplay.

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FantaBobWorld is the realm of well known french YouTubers duo TheFantasio and BobLennon. It hosts a bunch of funky games such as "Bropocalypse", "Chicken Burn" and "SplatCube". FantaBobWorld's game creators are using Cubik to add 3D spice to this crazy, crazy world...

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Shotbow creates crazy games such as "MineZ", "SMASH", "Annihilation" and, most recently, "Mine Theft Auto" which extensively uses Cubik for vehicles and weapons. The Shotbow team stops at nothing to bring you fun and original content!

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Epicube welcomes thousands of players every day to over 20 exclusive and revisited minigames. They offer popular games like "UHC", "FightClub" and "FallenKingdom" and innovates with games such as "Survivor" and "TeamFortress" which use Cubik for all decorations, items and weapons.

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