Elements / Cuboids

Unique models made of cubes

  • Create cubes and planes
  • Edit element properties (name, render, etc.)
  • Modify each face settings
  • Set UV mapping
  • Automatic optimization by deleting hidden faces
  • Discover the Elements list for advanced functions
  • Use Material editor to set all textures
  • Generate a unique texture for all elements in a single click


Retro 3D style

  • Create voxels on any surface
  • Trace line of voxels between two points
  • Add or dig whole cuboids of voxels
  • Set the radius and sculpt in 3D with the sphere tool
  • Change color of voxels with well known tools
  • Flip all voxels on any axis
  • Easy way to set model origin
  • Convert to elements at any time

Meshes & Primitives

Classic easy modelization

  • Create primitives (cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, etc.)
  • Import one or more meshes (low or high polys)
  • Move, scale, and rotate
  • Convert to voxels at any time


Draw in 3D views in realtime

  • Classic draw tools (pencil, line, bucket, etc.)
  • Paint on any surface (cuboids, voxels or meshes)
  • Color picker (works on textures and voxels)
  • Set color in hexadecimal
  • Use various integrated palettes
  • Load your own palette
  • Save current palette as PNG


Advanced preview of models for Minecraft

  • First person view for right and left hand
  • Third person view for right and left hand
  • On wall (item frame)
  • On head (hats for example)
  • In GUI (item icon)
  • On floor (loot on ground)
  • Load and save presets

Import / Export

Handles various file formats

  • Cubik format, all in one
  • Minecraft formats (blocks, items, entities, nbt, schematics)
  • Java class for Minecraft mods and games
  • Stonehearth and Staxel support
  • Mesh in OBJ+MTL+PNG(s) format
  • PNG for extrusion, billboard or render
  • Any voxel formats (Qubicle, Magicavoxel, Binvox, Zoxel)


Works wonderfully with third party tools and games

  • Unity technology
  • Unreal Engine
  • Sketchfab
  • Minecraft
  • Stonehearth
  • Staxel
  • and more...