Export to Bedrock Edition Format Complements

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Export to Bedrock Edition Format Complements

Post by EwenC » 23 May 2019, 13:17

Extension: ".js / .json"
Format name: Minecraft Bedrock Edition Entity
Used by: Bedrock Edition

Specs: Already implemented in Cubik Studio

Format Changes description:
Can you make the exportation of rotated elements keeping the rotation of elements by generating bones that have their rotation associated to these elements? For example, if I have an element that has 45 degrees rotation, when it exports, export the element has usual but include it in a bone positionned at the origin of the element and having its rotation.
I hope you understand my request. Have you tried this before ? Also can you add the possibility to make bones or groups of elements ? And to generate them automatically based on certains criteria ? Like rotations.

Thank you for reading me and have a nice day, I really enjoy cubik studio.
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