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by JTK222
17 Mar 2017, 16:57
Forum: Showcase
Topic: RPG - Broad Sword
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Re: RPG - Broad Sword

The blade seems way to thik compared to the handle. but I guess you made it using voxels? So it cannot be changed.
But otherwise I like it ^^

Edit: The shading seems to carefull and might be a little bit stronger at least I haven't noticed that there is any shading before I zoomed in.
by JTK222
30 Jan 2017, 16:32
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Multiple Angles of Rotation for .jpm [Solved]
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Re: [Sugestion]: Multiple Angles of Rotation for .jpm [Solved]

Thats all already possible. At least the rotation and the optfine element export.
by JTK222
24 Jan 2017, 16:53
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Topic: Minecraft Portal 2 map
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Re: Minecraft Portal 2 map

Are we allowed a copy of the portal map so we can see how you've done the elevator and the spinning fan? Elevator: Simply an animated Model (or a few combined models) placed in the Headslot of an Armor Stand (same for the fan) and in addition for the ground a few Shulkers riding on armor stands so ...
by JTK222
20 Jan 2017, 18:49
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Topic: Counter Strike Minecraft 3D-Model Collection
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Re: Counter Strike Minecraft 3D-Model Collection

Nice models, in my opinion it's a shame that you waste your talent with weapons (not like there would be enough weapon models for Minecraft (inkluding mods and co.))
by JTK222
16 Jan 2017, 20:40
Forum: Help Centre
Topic: Changelog: version 2.6
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Re: Changelog: version 2.6

I am so happy about the mesh export improvements ^^ Finally I have a 3D Software I am capable of creating not so terrible looking models for a unity game :D
by JTK222
06 Jan 2017, 12:26
Forum: Help Centre
Topic: Faces becoming transparent / missing
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Re: Faces becoming transparent / missing

You can click on that Cube with the Gear in the Element Edit Mode.
It will open a Menu where you can disable and enable single faces. Just select an element and you will see when it's disabled.
(There should be a blue "button" on the left site when they are enabled and a white when they are disabled.
by JTK222
04 Jan 2017, 21:19
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Mirror Model
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Mirror Model

Edit mode: Element :element: / Voxel :voxel: / Mesh :mesh: / Paint :paint: Location: No Idea Function name: Mirror Model Function icon: A Block with a mirror in the Center? Function action details: Mirroring the Model and it's elements on one Axis. And Combining Elements when they touch each other....
by JTK222
02 Jan 2017, 17:57
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: In the gui preview add an image to show how it looks ingame [Solved]
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Re: In the gui preview add an image to show how it looks ingame [Solved]

It's hard to do that because the Resolution depends on your Screen Resolution and Gui settings.
For me it's for example: 64x64
Minecraft renders the Item at the highest possible resolution that is possible on your screen.
by JTK222
20 Dec 2016, 15:27
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: "Blueprint" images [Solved]
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"Blueprint" images [Solved]

Edit mode: Element :element: / Voxel :voxel: / Mesh :mesh: / Paint :paint: / Preview :preview: Location: No Idea Function name: Load Blueprint Model Function icon: an Img? Function action details: It would add an additional view that renders a semitransparent image that can be selected in foregroun...
by JTK222
22 Nov 2016, 06:39
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Dark Roleplay Mod Models
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Dark Roleplay Mod Models

Hey made a few Models using :cubik: for my mod and wanted to preview a few of them ^^

An as I know unique Chair:

More coming soon!

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