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Looking for modeler to create a couple simple Minecraft Miniature tank models.

Posted: 21 Sep 2019, 11:34
by CraterHater

I am working on a Minecraft Plugin which will add a minigame inspired by Red Alert to servers. I have already got a lot of custom models but I currently need 4 more models in order to finish my plugin.

1. Standard Tank
2. Modified Anti-Air Tank
3. Modified Large Double Barrel Tank
4. Harrier (Small Plane Model)

These 4 are all very simplistic models and I'll show you exactly what they should be based off when you contact me. These models are 16x16. I will pay you $4 USD per model as these models are simple and shouldn't take that long to finish. If you contact me please agree with this payment and please accept to receiving the payment once you have delivered the first model successfully.

Thanks and I hope to get someone soon!

Contact me via Discord: CraterHater#2316