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[UNPAID] Demo film scene - modelers and animators needed!

Posted: 19 Jul 2018, 20:54
by Rebecca2000
f you can model realistic characters/landscapes and have some knowledge of animating in Blender I really would love to have you!

What is this project?
This started in September 2017, with the goal of making a small film scene from the script sample I made in my A-level film class.

What have you accomplished?
The script is polished and the storyboard is made. For music, I have scouted it from royalty-free music sites so there will be no copyright issues. As for editing, I have been editing videos for seven years and have even created my own very short film (my A-level media coursework) last year, which gave me an A.

When do you meet?
Myself and my artist team normally have our own Twitter Group Chat, so, if you wish to become a modeler/animator then please PM me with your Twitter handle so I can add you. Mine is @Remember_us_ Meetings will aim to be every Sunday at 8PM (BST)

What spots are open?
• Modelers – realistic and detailed models need to made from the concept art. Four characters (three male and one female) will need to be made.
• Animators – fluid and realistic animations need to be created
• Please put in effort and make it your best – Concept art should be coming in by next week. This post is just to organize a team in advance so we can get straight to work.

How do I join?
It’s easy! Just send me an email at or leave a private message but be sure to include your email and twitter handle!