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TheEscapeCraft Modeling team.

Posted: 01 May 2018, 06:32
by korbyn
Hello, My name is retronix. Today im here looking for some committed :cubik: modelers willing to work on a project based around *Escape from tarcov*.

About server

TheEscapeCraft is a multi-map server based around the players actions. Being spawned in one of our maps allows you to collect gear, survive, fight. Its not that easy though, You have to constantly look out for AI or enemy players looking to kill. After collecting your items you can leave the map by going though dedicated escape doors around the map. Leaving allows you to store your collected items in your stash. Collected items can be used to trade or sell in shop.

Modelers will be designing small items such as Medical items, Foods, Ammos and more.
(Vehicles are not needed)

If you are interested please msg me on discord