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Converting to elements option corrupts model texture

Posted: 03 Aug 2019, 13:24
by ntt

I have a problem. Im trying to export my model and texture to the minecraft format.

Ill describe steps, i did so hopefuly someone can point out where I messed up

1) I have a mesh, made in blender (obj) which i converted to voxels in cubick studio.
Mesh List > Convert to voxels > 128x resultion

2)I created a texture via the cubick Paint tool

This is how my model looks like now


3) Now i need to convert voxels to elements.
There are 3 options

1 element per voxel is - not possible in my case, due to high resolution i choosed earlier

1 element per color & 1element per surface - Both actions result in something like corrupted texture.


Could anybody please tell me what am i doing wrong?