How to: Import .bdc3D/.bdc files into CubikStudio

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How to: Import .bdc3D/.bdc files into CubikStudio

Post by Zaliku » 02 Nov 2016, 16:47

As you might have already noticed CubikStudio isn't able to import the .bdc3D and .bdc files (so far).
To import your old models you still have to have BDcraft Cubik Pro installed.

6 steps to get your old saves imported to CubikStudio:
  1. Open BDcraft Cubik Pro and go to File > Open
  2. Select the .bdc3D/.bdc file and hit Open
  3. Check if everything is fine with the model and navigate to File > Export
  4. Export the model as .json (.obj works too but it may loose information) and close BDcraft Cubik Pro
  5. Open up CubikStudio and go to File > Import
  6. Navigate to your .json file you exportet before and hit Open
> Et voilà - here you have your old model in CubikStudio.

I hope this helped you!. And maybe CubikStudio will be able to import the old files sometime. ;)

Feel free to ask and give feedback :D
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Re: How to: Import .bdc3D/.bdc files into CubikStudio

Post by Sphax » 02 Nov 2016, 17:23

Nice one once again! ;)

However, it's better to use MC JSON format (and not OBJ) to not lose any information.
Exporting to OBJ would require CubikStudio to voxelize it then (which always loses details).
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