Craftology Minecraft Mod | Looking for Modelers!

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Craftology Minecraft Mod | Looking for Modelers!

Post by BlueGlaciers » 26 Aug 2018, 12:18

Hi, my name is BlueGlaciers,
I am currently a leader of an upcoming WIP mod, Craftology
Right now, the mod is in Development stage and we are looking for some modelers to help us with the mod!
We did not mind any ages, we just need a mature behavior.
We also did not mind any of the modeling skills, we just need you to know the basics

I hope you guys can help, thx!

More Information:

Craftology is a mod based on a nature/machinery-Modern themed minecraft mod.
We make this mod to help people with their minecraft gameplay such as an new farming tools, and nature additions.
We are currently on development stages and recruiting Modelers, texturers, and Animator

You can get the latest information and apply to join the mod team at (Our discord)

Thank you :)
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