Last Opened Folder (Legacy)

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Last Opened Folder (Legacy)

Post by MadstonMagic » 16 Aug 2019, 22:50


Currently in Studio the program uses a json to save options data, such as paths, keybindings etc.
Unfortunately this is a little broken and does not always save correctly.
Might have to do with rights to folder on (my) a PC, but it's quite annoying.

Another thing annoying is that whenever you try to delete for example the "Load/Save default path" value, the json does not get updated to an empty string.
And this way I cannot simply have the 'last opened folder' thing Cubik Pro had. This worked way better and caused a better workflow.

Hopefully this will get seen, and added to some sort of list.
Because I'm currently leaning more towards Blockbench than Cubik Studio.

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