Importing OBJ won't use MTL  [Solved]

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Re: Importing OBJ won't use MTL

Post by Profyle » 05 Nov 2016, 23:33


Sorry, but I have a question concerning this.

When you do this, and then try to convert the OBJ into voxels (and then further on to elements, though very irrelevant), importing OBJs with high-resolution textures and then converting makes the textures (assuming the model will turn to 128x) worse of a resolution than the model itself. If you don't get what I mean, the textures for this 128x model will convert to 64x from 2048x. Though if I take that 2048x texture BEFORE importing the OBJ and make it smaller resolution, the converted resolution after the conversion to voxels will be much better.

So my question is: Why does it work like this? Shouldn't the 2048x texture convert to a 512x texture (or even stay the same) rather than convert to 64x?
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