Cubik Pro and Animaker on Linux and Mac via Wine

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Cubik Pro and Animaker on Linux and Mac via Wine

Post by HanFox » 16 Feb 2018, 08:57

This is a thread to collect information so maybe Linux and Mac users can also use the recently (re-)released Cubik Pro and Animaker via Wine.

I have no access to a Mac, so if someone who does can post their results that'd be great.

Cubik Pro
In the past it didn't work with Wine (pre v3.0). However, I tried it on Arch Linux with Wine 3.1 in a clean prefix and it appears to work although all the textures render black and some of the elements (such as the texture list) are missing their text until you click on them.

If anyone figures out how to fix the black textures please post. I did try winetricks d3d9 both native and builtin, as well as making sure the renderer was set to opengl without luck.

I have tested it both on Wine 2 (a year or so ago) and Wine 3 this week, both in a clean prefix, and it appears to work correctly.
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